About Me

I am a piano teacher and accompanist in Northern Virginia.  I started teaching when I was 16 with the assistance of my mother who runs a successful piano studio in Utah.  I taught upstairs while she taught downstairs and whenever I needed help, she was always there to mentor me along.  I was fortunate to grow up near Brigham Young University and thanks to my mother (once again) I studied with wonderful Professors there (Dr. Douglas Humpherys and Dr. Robert Smith).  When I started attending Dr. Humpherys’ weekly college master-classes, I knew that I wanted to be a piano major when I went to college.

I received my B.S. in Music from Utah State University (piano performance and pedagogy) and studied with Gary Amano, Ralph van der Beek, and Dennis Hirst.  With the encouragement and preparation from Dennis, I went on to receive my M.M. (piano performance and pedagogy) from Arizona State University and studied with Dr. Baruch Meir. 

Teaching is my passion.  I love seeing the progress my students make and watching their confidence grow as they advance and reach their goals.  

Thanks for visiting my blog!