Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Theory/Ear-training books that I Love

I've used TCW products for years and would highly recommend them! I love their Theory books, and I recently found out that all of the ear-training examples (found at the back of each theory book) are on www.kjos.com. Click on "Kjos Multi-media library" found on the right side of the main page, then click on 'Theory', and then click on the TCW theory book that you are using. You can listen to the examples or simply download them. I'm so excited to start using this online tool because it's something that I can assign my students to do at home.  I can easily let them work on my computer in between lessons as well. What a time saver!

Are you familiar with TCW products? When I was a student at Utah State University (USU) their products were being piloted at the Utah State University Youth Conservatory. At USU, I taught group theory classes and soon became quite familiar with their theory books, technic charts, and fun games. I'll blog more later about some of my favorite TCW products and maybe offer something for free!  How fun would that be?