Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Day to Serve - 2013

Just like last year, the governors of Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland and the Mayor of Washington D.C. have called on everyone to join together for a Day to Serve - one day to organize or participate in a project to feed the hungry or clean up your neighborhood.  

In an ongoing effort to help my students work toward their practice goals, I’ve decided to donate one can of food for every 30 minutes of practice completed by my students for the week of September 16 - 20.   I'm going to encouraged parents to match my donation.  You can read about last year's results here.  I was thrilled with all the donations that my students made in 2012!

Food donations will benefit the LINK foundation which serves hungry families in Herndon, Sterling, and Ashburn, VA. 

I'm also attending a 'Peanut Butter Run Against Hunger' event put on by some members of my church in support with a Day to Serve.   

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